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We are building specialists and work mainly with wood, but also with both aluminium and pvc. We produce and fit all types of interior and exterior furniture and we also install insulation material.
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We produce all kinds of woodwork for a range of projects, including industrial warehouses, barns, shop stockrooms, pavillions, churches, chalets, windmills, bridges and gates, joists and much more.
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Roofing comprises the installation, maintenance and re-laying of all different kinds of tiles and slates. We also carry out insulation work and various finishing touches, including sealing, finials and all kinds of guttering and water evacuation systems.

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EURL Menuiserie JR 24: Dordogne Carpenter

Welcome to the EURL Menuiserie JR24 website. We are a company run by Mr Jérôme Reix who gained his experience partly through working for various companies before setting up on his own, but also through his own passion for working with wood.

He was named one of the most skilled apprentices in France, and trained with fellow professionals across France in order to specialise in slate roofing where the roof junctions (hips, valleys and abutments) are laced to avoid any apparent lead or zinc work.

We provide a professional carpentry, joinery and roofing service for south-western France, but we can also travel for projects across the country as a whole.

If you have any question about our services, or if you are looking for a quote for a job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


special commissions

We can create all kinds of custom items to meet any requirement. If you have something specific in mind, contact us.

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